As a third-generation AAUW member (and a history major), I honor and respect our organization’s history, so my support of opening AAUW to anyone supporting our mission in no way dismisses the reasons membership has traditionally been restricted to those with degrees. But part of what has made AAUW last the test of time as a nationally recognized and respected organization is its willingness to evolve with the times. (Read the Membership History page on this website!)

My AAUW membership is important to me not because of the letters after my name, but because I firmly believe AAUW’s advocacy, education, research, and philanthropy is moving the needle on equity for women and girls. I gratefully welcome anyone else who shares that passion and is willing to work with us on that mission. Asking someone for proof of a degree diminishes the strength of our claim to advocate for ALL women. We’re better than that. It’s time to prove it.

Sandy Kirkpatrick
April 11, 2017

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