Support Open Membership

As AAUW member Vivi Hlavsa says, “The YMCA doesn’t limit its members to the young, males, or Christians. Opening our membership doesn’t mean we have to take the U out of AAUW.”

You can  support open membership in many ways. Here are a few of them.

  • Add your name to the list of those endorsing the change in 2021. Fill out his form, or review the full list or the list by state.
  • Tell your networks that you support the change — we find that just getting people to think about this, and how there’s a disconnect between the requirement and the current mission, can change minds.  (Post a selfie showing your support.)
  • Let us know you’re a supporter — numbers count and knowing you support this effort helps energize our work (use the form or contact us)
  • Become a local activist —  by talking about this issue in your branch and with your AAUW friends. Encourage your branch to submit a resolution of support. [Need talking points? Use our flyer.]
  • Join the Open Up AAUW group — volunteer some time and talent to help us shape strategy and develop communications tools or critique our materials and cheer us on. The first step is to sign up on the form and check that you want to subscribe to the email list.
  • Donate a few dollars — If you can make a larger contribution to help offset costs, please do. (Note, this is not a tax-deductible contribution.) Here’s how.

Please complete the Open Membership Supporter Form to share how you’d like to help.

Thanks for letting us know that you support open membership!