It’s time for AAUW to live up to our mission statement as an organization.

As our country looks at where it has fallen short of its promise in racial justice, it’s time for AAUW members to apply that same honest examination of where our organization has fallen short of its mission to promote gender equity for ALL.

Here is a virtual Town Hall, led by AAUW CEO Kim Churches in January 2021, that lays out the the arguments for the change and answers questions from members.

AAUW Illinois sponsored a Town Hall on February 16. Here is that recording:

For more about the 2021 national election see www.aauw.org. If you want to help with the effort, check out the Open Membership Toolkit.

This website was created and is maintained by a group of AAUW members who whole-heartedly agree with this proposal. In addition to Kimberly Churches’ clear explanation in this video and AAUW’s responses to members’ Frequently Asked Questions, this website provides more background and history on this topic.

We urge all AAUW members to listen carefully, read thoroughly, and to vote for this bylaws amendment change in Spring 2021!