Voting near for 2017 Changes

The 2017 Voter Guide has been released with candidate bios, changes to the public policy program, and changes to the AAUW bylaws.

Again this year, this group collaborated to submit a change to the bylaws that would drop the degree requirement for AAUW membership.

Another proposal suggests adding  a new category of membership that would be open to those without degrees, but which would not convey the right to participate in national governance or committees nor in the required administrator/treasurer offices for affiliates such as branches. This two-tier structure seems untenable in an organization focused on equity.

So we urge all members to vote for “Proposal 2” (the simpler one) – tell your friends, seek out new members and national-only members who might not feel connected enough to vote. While it will be a hard to get to the 2/3 vote needed to change the bylaws, if we improve on the 2015 40% so that 50% of the voters approve this change, the board — which has already said it supports the change — may be pressured to campaign more openly and explain the rationale that the change is for the good of the organization’s future.

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