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Letter to the Idaho Branches

On March 19, AAUW Idaho co-presidents, Kathy Scott and Julie Custer send the following letter to their members. We thank them for allowing us to share their document here, and we encourage other branch and state leaders to send similar … Continue reading

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How do younger members look at this issue? Continue reading

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AAUW’s mission focuses on equity and equality. Equity and equality related to membership is critical to building a more inclusive organization. One way to do this is to open up the membership requirements for AAUW membership. -Felisha Perrodin, AAUW Fayetteville … Continue reading

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As a third-generation AAUW member (and a history major), I honor and respect our organization’s history, so my support of opening AAUW to anyone supporting our mission in no way dismisses the reasons membership has traditionally been restricted to those … Continue reading

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Voting near for 2017 Changes

The 2017 Voter Guide has been released with candidate bios, changes to the public policy program, and changes to the AAUW bylaws. Again this year, this group collaborated to submit a change to the bylaws that would drop the degree … Continue reading

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I do have a degree, but I was 36 when I first got it after going back to school after a long hiatus. I didn’t know about AAUW earlier in my life, but if I had it would’ve been an … Continue reading

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Just stop it!

Yes, the discussions are starting about an amendment to national bylaws to drop the degree requirement for membership. There’s one discussion, though, that’d I’d like to nip in the bud, namely: If we drop the degree requirement, we’ll have to … Continue reading

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The strength of AAUW is its mission, not the background of individual members. When ALL who share the mission work together, we will be a better organization. The time for focusing on the individual letters in our name is long … Continue reading

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Show your support!

Join Marsha Miller and take a picture of yourself with this sign showing your support for open membership. Download the sign hereĀ (updated for 2017) If you wish, upload the picture and post a link in a comment. You may also … Continue reading

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We must practice what we preach about diversity and inclusiveness, and provide a place where girls and women seeking to further their education can find role models and mentors. -Marti Sladek, AAUW Downers Grove (IL) May 23, 2015

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