Initial ballot establishing this group

After the AAUW 2009 convention, an informal group was established to discuss next steps. All of the subscribers voted on the following:

Motion 1: The name of this group shall be the AAUW for All Network. Passed (yes 21)
Motion 2: The purpose of this group is to make AAUW’s focus on equity the basis of membership eligibility.  Passed (yes 20, no 1)
Motion 3: Approve Marilyn Arp as treasurer for the group and her primary branch, AAUW Long Valley (ID), as the group’s fiscal agent.  Passed (yes 20, abstain 1)
Motion 4: The fee for membership in the group shall be $5/year. The membership year will run 7/1-6/30. Those paying $5 by 6/30/2010 will be charter members of the group. Passed (yes 19, no 1, abstain 1)

Voting opened on 1/18/2010. Results were announced on 1/29/2010, showing the names of who voted. No objections to the results of the vote were submitted.

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