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Testimonials in support of dropping the degree requirement
This page was mentioned in the 2017 Rationale for the AAUW Bylaws change to drop the degree requirement. Please read the comments of your fellow members, and go to the “Support Open Membership” section to add your own to our collection.


I’ve heard the arguments for and against open membership. I’ve been a member since the late 1990s and attended the convention when we voted for membership with an associate degree. I believe it’s time for AAUW to open the membership … Continue reading

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It is incredulous that an organization that promotes “equity” for women is exclusive. In my years of membership, I’ve heard many times when I approach people who are obviously qualified about membership, they are turned off because of our membership … Continue reading

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In Idaho, and especially rural Idaho, we’re outnumbered and it’s important to include every willing voice in our on-going work towards equity and education for women and girls. We particularly need every willing voice to speak up for civil rights … Continue reading

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Atkinson, K

AAUW appears to assume that a college education provides a person with a better, broader skill set to advocate on behalf of women. This membership requirement should be challenged. Did MLK require a college education to March in Selma? Does … Continue reading

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Times have changed, and we must change with them. It is way past time to do this. Let’s get this done. You have my support, and thanks for doing the work to get this issue across the finish line. Doris … Continue reading

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I have been supportive of the efforts to allow AAUW to open up the membership requirement to those who advocate for the mission of AAUW, regardless of their educational qualifications. I am pleased to see the proposed bylaw amendment presented … Continue reading

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