Be sure AAUW can reach you

In the spring of 2021, there were many problems with emails from national with voting information going astray.

To check that AAUW can actually reach you, be sure that you haven’t inadvertently unsubscribed from their mailings. (This can sometimes happen if you forward a message to someone else without removing the unsubscribe link in the footer.)

As you may have heard, AAUW is migrating its member database to a new system.
One part is already “live” — the one that lets you choose which email messages you wish to receive from AAUW national.

If you start at

you’ll be asked to fill in your email address. You’ll then 

  • Get an email with a new link to update your information
  • When you click that, you’ll see the contact info AAUW has for you, and
  • A Tab labeled “My Email Preferences”

Click the Email Preferences and select at least one (I recommend Mission & Action) to be sure you are “in the loop” for emails from AAUW national.

If you have trouble getting the email with the link to  your contact info, check your Spam for a message from “AAUW Member Information” — it should come almost immediately. As always, would be your next place to check for help.

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